Thank God that we have so far consultant-checked all the New Testament books except 5; Romans, Hebrews, Revelation, 2 Corinthians and James.

·        Pray with us as we prepare for the consultant-checking of James and 2 Corinthians.

·        Pray for Fatuma and family that the Lord will give her strength amidst several challenges such as children’s sicknesses which result in financial constraint.

·        Pray for salvation of Hassan (one of the translators)

·        Pray for a planned medical camp in Nawila villages at the end of May

·        We thank God that Morokani School’s sponsor officially took over the school from the month of March and they are in charge of all the school activities.

April 2016

Well…what can I say…this is my last jotting for you guys at Holy Trinity and St Saviour’s.  I write this to you after a bit of a crazy week.  Many of you know that I have been exploring joining the RAF as a Chaplain and therefore have been in the application ‘process’ for the past four years.  The last few days have included finding out I have been declared as medically fit to join, a summons to go through officers selection with only five days’ notice, a start date of 8th May for Officers training and then an injury which has set the whole process back by about five months…to say this week has been stormy is probably quite accurate.  And this storm has hurt.  There have been tears, questions, joy, hurt, confusion, excitement, fear and above all shock.  But over the course of three days of stormy ‘weather’ I have clung on to the rope which connects me to my anchor.  All through the storm my anchor holds within the veil.  This hasn’t taken away the sea-sickness but it has grounded me when I have started to become overwhelmed.  Remembering where my anchor is has given me a security and identity through the waves which has meant I haven’t lost it completely.  A lot of this has been through conversation with God.  Through recognising my weakness to control this storm and turning to the One who the winds and waves still listen to.  And I have also turned to those around me and the support, love and wisdom has strengthened my grip on my anchor.  So why am I spilling all of this to you…well I guess I want to encourage all of you that whether it be an individual storm, a family storm, a life altering storm or a church storm remember where your anchor lies.  Where have you planted your lifeline which will keep you secure and firm in who you are and what you need to do?  I’m convinced the RAF is still for me, I have no idea why the delay has occurred but I am not fearing the storm, the waves which are confusing and hurting me, I am trusting and fearing in the One who IS in control of the storm because I know ‘He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion’.

Rev Chrissie Lacey

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large-423693-mean-bean-challengeFour colleagues from Christ’s College and I are taking part in Tear Fund’s Mean Bean Challenge 25th – 29th April. We are committing to a simple diet (30g porridge for breakfast, 55g of rice and 40g of beans for lunch and dinner, and only water to drink) to reflect the conditions under which a significant portion of the world’s population live and to raise money to support Tearfund’s projects. For more info: and to sponsor us:               Many thanks, David Gale

Appointment Announcement

April 19th, 2016

The PCC, represented by Clare Leigh and John Durrant, is pleased to announce the appointment of our new vicar…

APCM Report 2016

April 15th, 2016

Do read, ponder and be enthused about all we’ve done this year as detailed in our APCM Report 2016. It contains minutes of last year’s APCM, our accounts and all sorts of reports about our services, activities, community outreach and mission partners.