Agape Report 25th May

May 27th, 2016

A smaller crowd awaited us this week (around 60) and we missed Ian who usually joins the team in London. However George turned up which was a huge help and Sally’s husband Andrew joined us too – some muscle to pull the heavy cases – thanks so much. It stayed dry but it was a gloomy, chilly evening and our visitors were glad to have extra hot drinks.

We want especially to thank Bob who, despite not being available this week, has still been making sandwiches, getting train tickets, etc – doing all he can to support the team.  Thanks Bob – you’re an inspiration.  As are our team members like Ruth and Sally who have busy jobs but still sacrificially give time to Agape. Thank you both. Please pray for the team over the summer. It’s always difficult when holidays approach to have a full team each week and with the amount of “stuff” we take to London, a missing team member is noticed. We would love to recruit some folk who could come now and again – reasonably fit and strong – and with a heart for those in need.  We would be happy to talk to you about what’s involved.

Would you please continue to pray for those at the bottom of the pile in our society. And for God to supply the additional hands and feet we need on team.  Thank you so much

Hi friends

Incredible as it was, we missed all the showers last evening – the black cloud over London waited until we were in place and sheltered under Waterloo Bridge giving out the sandwiches and hot drinks before it discharged its load of the wet stuff – all cleared up before we had to make the walk over Waterloo Bridge on our way home – hallelujah – God is good!

The queue was long (around 70 visitors) and most of our supplies were gone in the first half hour.  Many of our friends are still struggling with their situations – sleeping out, no jobs around, facing Benefits sanctions etc, etc……………. It’s a depressing scenario and yet……..they remain incredibly upbeat, are always very cheery when we turn up and grateful for all that we do.   One guy, sporting long hair and beard and with what looked like all his possessions on his back, made a point of going round to each of the team members shaking hands and thanking us “for our hospitality” – quite bizarre – as if he’d spent time in our home with us.   And yet that’s the atmosphere we really hope to create – that’s why we carry as much as we can in the way of water and food – we hate it when we run out and always hope to have enough sandwiches to be generous.   So thank you so much for your continued support – and huge thanks to our wonderful team.

So…a busy evening and a lot of hustle bustle at our “al fresco” cafe by the Thames as friends met with each other over a cuppa soup, tea or coffee, enjoying a sandwich or two, a sausage roll, crisps and chocolate – we only needed the party balloons!   A bit of time out for our friends from the grind of survival in our capital city.   Please keep praying for them and so many others like them.

The audio recording of our fantastic APCM Celebration is available on our website and click below to watch the video of the morning.  Minutes to follow.

Chrissie Final Crunch May2016