Our Mission Partners, A Rocha, have sent us this update and some prayer requests.  Please do remember them as you pray and thank God for their commitment to Kenya, its wildlife, environment and the people that live there.

August Diary & Jottings

July 25th, 2016

Rev Dr Julie Levett writes:pikachu

I’m writing this having just had a Diocesan Ministry Review – like a Performance Appraisal with a Company Director rather than one’s line manager. It was a little daunting as it was my first since completing my four year, post-ordination training in 2014 (same as Chrissie completing her curacy this year). It reminded me about the various people in our church, those that meet and gather within our two buildings, that are also a little daunted at the ‘firsts’ or changes they are facing over the summer period. Many face changing their homes, their jobs, their schools, their church, their friends… For others it’s facing summer holidays without a family member; someone who may have died, or who has now grown up and are holidaying with friends or spouses instead.

It’s also a time of change for the Hopkins family, who are leaving their home of the last four years. The children are leaving their schools, they are all leaving their Southampton friends and they are coming to us, to Knaphill and Brookwood, to Holy Trinity and St. Saviour’s. And, just as I had to reflect over my life and ministry for my Ministerial Review, I hope and pray that we will all take time this summer to think and reflect over the teaching we’ve had this year; about Relationships, Invitation, Welcoming, about Discipleship and Servanthood and apply that to the exciting period that is facing us in the arrival of our new Vicar and his family. I pray that God will enable us, through his Holy Spirit, to be able to be a Welcoming and Inviting church family that builds deep, supportive relationships not only with Neil but with Jules, Ethan, Daya and Seth too. That we can be, in this place, the disciples they need to help them settle in well but more importantly to enable God’s vision for us and our community to come to fruition as we reflect on where and how God’s calling us to be disciples and serve in our family, our church, our workplace and our community under Neil’s guidance.

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