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Thank you all for making the Barn Dance 2017 such a fun one!  Here are a few photos of the evening.


16999138_561208950749325_4189181997175632355_nBarn Dance Publicity 2017 Web Picture

Pot Luck Lunch – This Sunday

February 28th, 2017

Pot Luck Lunch Mar2017All church family welcome to come and share food, fun and fellowship and hear about our plans for Transforming Church.

This Sunday, 5th March, 12.30pm in Holy Trinity Hall.


Boiler Room Pipe Jan2017Several church family have asked about our heating issues so here’s a photo and explanation.

You will see that the pipe on the left has a wider section at the top, called a coupling. There was an identical coupling on the pipe to the right, but this has now been removed along with a section of pipe. Both couplings had corrosion on them but the coupling on the right had corroded through so that it leaked.

We need, again, to join the pipe on the right with the one a couple of feet below, but you’ll see that that pipe is not vertically below it. You will notice that the pipe on the left has a curve in it catering for the pipe that it is connected to not being vertically aligned.

I don’t know for certain why we can’t fit a similarly curved pipe to the assembly on the right but I suspect it will take more than a little effort to achieve the optimal shape. Therefore, the engineer has ordered a flexible joint. This is being made-to-order and we hope will be delivered on Wednesday and fitted on Thursday.

However, please keep your eyes open for confirmation on Friday. This coming week there is intended to be a united service, so decisions will be made later this week about where that will happen.

I want to put on record my thanks, and that of the church, to Malcolm for his work in trying to get the heating back up and running. He’s assisted the engineer and done his level best, despite his shoulder injury. He’s a blessing to us all.

John Durrant

Heating at Holy Trinity Update

January 13th, 2017

Holy Trinity Heating Update
The broken pipe is due to be fixed next week so there will not be any heating during the service on Sunday morning.  The service will be shortened and we hope to serve hot drinks beforehand but please come suitably prepared or, as a warmer alternative, you’d be very welcome at Cafe Church at St Saviour’s at 10.30am.