Some Encouragement

February 16th, 2016

John Durrant writes:
Bob Bailey pointed out to me at the Sunday Evening Prayer Workshop that our Prayer Chapel was stuffed full of chairs and other equipment following work on the pipes, and so after praying a prayer of repentance for that I resolved to get them moved out so that the area could be used again for its rightful purpose; by next morning the area was clear.

You’ll know that we’ve had one or two problems with our heating.

That resulted in me emailing the installing engineer last week to say that we (the church) might have to seek expert witness consultancy in order to help us to understand which of the present heating problems had resulted directly from his company’s actions.

We have, in any case, arranged for the boiler manufacturer to visit us tomorrow in order to re-commission the boiler. Hopefully, that meeting will tell us whether we need to employ a consultant as our adviser and possible expert witness, or whether they themselves might give us the solutions we need tomorrow.

One of the advantages of the manufacturer commissioning the boiler is that that should extend the boiler’s guarantee by two years. However, when last week I organised for them to visit, they said that they could not trace the paperwork, which meant that we had no manufacturer’s guarantee at all, let alone an extended one. I have to admit that I felt slightly concerned about that.

Today I learned that whereas last week, they had been unable to find the boiler’s paperwork, today it had just reappeared. I don’t think it’s a complete coincidence that that happened following the prayer area being cleared!

Please continue to pray for the heating issues to be resolved. I can’t pretend to know God’s mind in this. I do know that we’re being challenged in various ways at present – little things like the brand new lawnmower (for the vicarage) that wouldn’t switch off and the school changing the car park code without telling us all seem to add up to distractions that from our perspective we could do without. Whether this is God testing us or Satan ‘having a go’, I do know this: our hope and trust is in Jesus Christ alone and, as a church, we won’t be shaken from that. Please keep on praying. It’s working.

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  1. Isobel and Sheila Says:

    As a church we are being really tested but “All things work together for good to those who love God…….”

    Thank you John for all that you encouraged!

  2. HolyTrinityAdmin Says:

    Thank you Isobel and Sheila. I have shared this with John. He loves you very much! Caroline x

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